About Our Club

The Green Pond Yacht Club was organized in 1937 as the Green Pond Sailing Club and was incorporated as the Green Pond Yacht Club in 1944. The club was formed to encourage the sport of sailing, boating, summer and winter activities, to promote the science of seamanship, and to provide and maintain a suitable club house for the use and recreation of its members year round.

The 2016-2017 Board of Directors:


Dean Zuidema

Vice Commodore

Frank Giarratano

Immediate Past Commodore

Annette DeStefano


Barbara Lauro


Peggy Callahan

Social Director

Nan Mandes

Flag Officer

Richard LaBossiere

Comet/Sunfish Fleet Captain

Ellen Bakalian

Deck Officers: 
Ken Brock
Amanda Farrand
Ginger Hanright
Steve Hegarty

Sal Peritore

Members at Large:
Keith Callahan
Marianne Frontczak
Jim Keegan
Walter Lapham
David Marfiewicz
Kaaren Young